“Tiffany” a Kindle Humor bestseller!

David Bawdy’s hilarious short story “Tiffany Gets Her Boobs” is now 13th on the Kindle Free Download bestseller list in the Humor category! 

Here are some reviews:

I was prepared for a funny story from Bawdy, but not one with such a smart girl (based on the title). By the end of the story, I found myself actually admiring Tiffany’s spunk, her intelligence, and seriously out-of-the box thinking. I’m looking forward to buying his “Bubba Goes for Broke” novel set in the same universe. Should be a fun read.


Highly recommended. 😀 Couldn’t stop laughing. Don’t be deceived by the title. The story isn’t just outrageously funny, it’s smart.


I wasn’t going to read this one just because of the title – but you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover and besides, a female co-worker told me it was a good short story and had a few laughs.

Well, she was right – this was actually pretty funny and a good 10 minute or so read during my lunch break. Without having a spoiler, there is no sex involved, I did laugh out loud a few times (especially at some of the potential names of the business), and this marketing plan that worked for the main character is so simple and like P.T. Barnum I could see it working on each college campus for one person.

If you are looking for a quick and humorous read during your lunch break or waiting for the carpool line, give this one a shot!